tailoring refers to the process of customizing or adapting elements within a space to suit a specific client’s needs, preferences, and style. It involves creating personalized and unique designs that are tailored to the individual or the space itself.

Tailoring in interior design involves considering factors such as the client’s lifestyle, functional requirements, aesthetic preferences, and the existing architecture of the space. It encompasses the selection and customization of various elements, including furniture, finishes, lighting, colors, and accessories, to create a cohesive and personalized interior environment.

In the world of producing state-of-the art interior design products, tailoring plays a crucial role and at Caffarri Casa, we understand the importance of a truly tailored experience. That’s why we offer a comprehensive 360-degree tailoring service that goes above and beyond.

But there is a solution to have a real 360-degree tailoring service – you can join our dedicated team.

Caffarri Casa, with its Italy-based production and with more than 30 specialized artisans, supplies many interior design teams, design studios, private homeowners, retail design companies, hotel developers, and yacht builders.

What sets us apart is our capacity to offer all products and solutions for different ambiances, from kitchens to chandeliers, from bathrooms to outdoors, sets us apart.

With our experienced and skilled tailoring team, we have created unique pieces that reflect the individuality of each client. Whether you are a private individual or a business, with Caffarri Casa, you no longer need to have different suppliers to decor your home or to call another company to have accessories.

With us you have a global interior design supplier and producer that understands your needs. 

We offer a comprehensive solution as a global interior design supplier and producer, understanding and fulfilling all your needs.

From high-end kitchens to stunning chandeliers, from luxurious bathrooms to elegant outdoor spaces, we have it all under one name.

Our dedication to a 360-degree tailoring service means that every aspect of your interior design project is taken care of seamlessly.

Join us at Caffarri Casa and let us bring your vision to life with our unrivaled expertise and commitment to quality.