Nicola Caffarri was born in 1977 in Reggio Emilia, into a family of five generations of carpenters and bespoke furniture makers since 1851.


In the 1960s, his father Luigi Caffarri began traveling across Italy, studying and collecting antiques: furniture, frames, antique mirrors, and marble pieces dating back to the 17th century fascinated his father and led him to focus exclusively on the collection and expertise in antiques.

He engaged in trade with the leading antique dealers in Rome, Florence, and especially Milan, where the most significant works of art from noble families were exhibited. Nicola’s older brother Marco later specialized in the restoration of antique furniture, and both of them remain active in the field to this day.

art passion

Nicola’s passion for the industry began at the age of 15 when he attended the Gaetano Clerici Art High School. After completing high school, he started studying and trading antique objects and furniture at the age of 19.
He participated in renowned exhibitions in the industry, such as Mercanteinfiera, auctions (Sotheby’s and Christie’s), and major events that showcased the finest antiques, such as the art & antiques Gotha in Parma.


In 2004, he moved to Cremona and married Marzia Stefania Badalotti, who holds a degree in Communication Sciences and was then collaborating with Alberta Ferretti in the fashion field. The combination of fashion, furniture, and various connections in the modern art sector in Milan enriched his skills and led him to perceive furniture from a 360-degree perspective, appreciating the blend of modern design and high-end antique pieces.

With his academic background and passion for drawing, he decided to create a new line of products under the brand name Caffarri Casa. 

the big city

The brand combines Italian craftsmanship, professional carpenters, and special industrial machinery for glass fusion and bending, resulting in visually striking furniture and accessories.

After two trips to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with his wife and two children, he fell in love with the vision, attention to detail, and safety of the United Arab Emirates. In 2021, he made the decision to relocate his family and bring his expertise in art, antiques, and his new furniture brand, Caffarri Casa, to the Middle East. He firmly believes that integrity, quality, art, and tradition can be appreciated and valued at an international level.